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tv   RT News  PBS  January 14, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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seventeen ninety. you are watching them. i knew. chu new will will will will torture or sexual abuse and vicious beatings and downing dots here claiming the widespread abuse by british troops of hundreds of iran ttc news is handed to the war crimes tribunals most brutal violence egyptians on this site and the annex constitution and fierce clashes with police critics warn that he gets results will give immense power to the army ant
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the nosing out. it's a laughing matter for france on on battling claims of being an industry chief while the rest of the country wants to know whether he's finally going to fix francis flaccid finances. the which are due to begin my boss gets by him here at marie johnson welcome to the curb. senior british politicians and military figure is can become targets for the international criminal court for alleged war crimes committed by the country's troops in iraq two hundred and fifty pages describing the widespread abuse of detainees amounting to torture has been handed to repaint the case fighting tooth and nail to keep out of the tribunal's some rwandan correspond toy boy who explains up till now the international criminal
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court and eight. was he trying to african six points byzantine response. the icc has been asked to investigate thousands of allegations of war crimes commits its flight british forces in iraq two hundred and fifty page dossier present it's like you might organize a synonym for safe north and contains the stations of the status of executions mock executions and sexual assaults convinced it's like eat a full citizen according to physics. this report. the thing gets braver extends to the very heart of the british government at the time said ahead of the british army. the former defense secretary under former defence minister could face prosecution for war this dossier schools. this debt make war crimes. there are many hundreds of cases where the people been interviewed in the provided reports about this abuse. and though it varies from what people might think are we
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going home. relatively mundane examples of the fumes to read the part of poland to school therefore says that breaks this military commanders knew that that force is with committing war crimes and more with that that s a w c perry is consciously ignore such information that displays all each was foreign secretary william h authority from the rejected the suggestion that the reason it's called here in west main staff knew what was taking place on the ground in iraq. we reject allegations of systematic abuse who led the blossoms and series of allegations of things going wrong. these things how do you know all being investigated about does not require references to the international criminal court. the position of the british government is costly than what we're doing enough. the point of this is simply that they still haven't done them. there are right now. at the international criminal court to heads of state. one of them sitting head of state of kenya. on the other
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the former head of state of cool people there both on trial at the international criminal court. not for getting their hands bloody they didn't do anything themselves the people under their authority or people they should have control. for committing the crime. salt is good enough for the african countries. it should be good enough for the uk the national criminal court has come under increasing pressure to act against war crimes in eight states like west and countries. it's not to the aussie team spirit healing seems to carry three the claims of abuse and to decide whether to hold high ranking british officials into the dark. i hate people aka obscene london the dossier is the most of the teal document ever submitted to the international criminal court regarding alleged war crimes by british forces some of the harrowing testimony c contains have already been made . among the news is reporting are hurting the means to executions various types of sexual humiliation and even
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rank family members of some teammates were also allegedly threatened by british troops and dad at least one case actually harmed. one man described how after being severely. the soldiers brian he's eight year old son and him. another witness alleges that during interrogations soldiers threatened to his sister and the rest his elderly parents when a friend spoke to them legal advisor with one of the groups behind report about the findings evidence shows that it's not only involved in a ritual and single cases and in sometimes it's really a systematic pattern of representatives acts which appeared in sets of finding out in our corporate communication to the icc. it's more isn't single isolated incidents hyderabad the number of attempts to bring uk that military to account for its actions in iraq. none of war it's what makes you think this will fare any different what we documented many more cases than were submitted
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before his international criminal court or two of the courts. in its most the time because the uk had its ten years to investigate or prosecute. thompson director for christmas but also the higher ups come in and the ukm ten years and says else so i'm awfully any prosecutions and the country's them now it simply is the time comes that the international courts and have to step in. as mentioned it's not the first major can t get the new case armed forces to answer for alleged iraq war he says. crikey up on bring about a previous inquiry into allegations that british soldiers tortured detainees and mutilated corpses of kill the rockies and their reaction he got from patients. the only giants for yet another competition is being marred by deadly violence where the muslim brotherhood claiming that at least five people have been killed in clashes with police south of the capital security is
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enhanced with more than two hundred thousand police officers on the streets but the massive deployments of failing to prevent attacks in skirmishes. just before polling stations opened a bomb went off to hire a courthouse. luckily no one was injured. opponents of the late mrs constitution claiming the documents will cement the power of the military backed interim government. belcher reports of the county's and perils facing the kids' latest lesson in democracy. there was a bombing last year the capital and phonetically bad that the courts when it was tasty the house at all the time it's about to get an a by the end of the day the station was undaunted and honesty and break the windows of the buildings adjacent to its revenue was intense. nonetheless. high finance at break up across the country and it's a good buddy sweet because in this age it's where we just had doubts that his brother could support a sensible is that the ousted president of the north sea. i had taken to the streets and protest against a friend. street
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battles with the police is also in the net quite insecure when people say reports. although the outbreak of that street clashes between security forces and is about it and support this. and muhammad was he support his operatic sunday as well say green is a very tight fitting day for that price tag to it this referendum the people here in sixteen then they tell me to get going again last twenty pounds the street to the maintenance and it seems to be overwhelmingly people are looking for yes they are there still is quite harmful to people who are saying and why the news because she's an all boy causing the people that have worried about the constitution say the devil and the segments been achieved. how was i to this next video president's their kiosk was that the constitution which basically say that religion causes trials is believed to be announced in two thousand that you can tell that to be admitted to st. in addition to the keychains here the defense minister based
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in miami says that defines a day in history center aka the cc his position will be protected. the next two times of the president's office this is because the ice cream cause of the armed forces will be allowed to say in the appointment said that's a big change that. in addition to achieve but it will still remain secrets is the point of contention for the debates and riveting series but its human rights organizations. he wants to know what it's been a trigger for anyone in his country and spending that money on and on top of that status of forces that more thing to say the whole situation is a difference. but mostly they said it still has it been that with this compensation is not a boy with his constant in two thousand twelve to be in place. asking their journalists working out of higher will need to get smell look and absolutely no immunity to the army although there are a lot of egyptians the army in the road this constitution and they really seek stability. there's very little chance that this constitution will will do so and then mostly because this boat on the constitution is in the bow on the constitution itself but on a plethora of other factors including the muslim brotherhood was it the more
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people want them back or not and general of the cc africa cc for the people walk in this present are not and is the last thing it's about is the actual constitution to ensure only serves the army at that point. they wanna be protected against any kind of love. accountability for anything they've done it's still valid to to see that even if there is the democratic president as long as the army is in power and they have that much power and autonomy that they can choose and pick and choose who and who stays on and who leaves and i don't think the cost. the next constitution the dresses that i was in the us have again found themselves helpless against the g and giant monsanto. america's highest court will protect them from being sued over crop copyright even if they have accidentally been sewing and center seats details on that later in the program here
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lots of pointless privacy invasion would tell you not an independent study that reveals how the nsa israel and take your efficiency was significantly exaggerated by the white house the french president didn't have enough on his mind this week over his alleged affair with an actress to our domestic problems the more official nature is god answer for a pc keep his new year's resolution to revive the country's debt had the sluggish economy brief announced an hour on francois lines headaches. so in this medium. knox has fallen on his tax policies which are among the major reasons he's become the least popular president in france's moment in history. together with belgium france is tax grant is the highest in your zone
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let's put it on. the studios french and the defendant says the truth as of the countries mentioned the laptops as i did sense that the defence end of the president's men and thus it is this the dates and inhibitions. china is in monday's eighty two percent an entrepreneur and he was forced to close his business down after taxes became to be too bad except that if you think that this is a vicious circle with my business has stopped working which means i can to provide jokes on others and i can't pay taxes to my country to help its development it is like everything falls apart at the top. when taxation policy was part of the finance strategy chosen by the french government to fight economic crisis that almost two years later. critics say it simply hasn't worked. the country's twenty three team has been cards. the unemployment level holdings table recently these steel and is highest in almost sixteen years and for twenty fourteen the european
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commission full cost is zero point nine percent gdp growth in friday's against one point seven percent in germany and two point two percent in britain. the girl in business this i like how michael is another tax and another is not with a two ply but there are too many and a combination of all these taxes makes it really heavy taxes today re breaking economy. it seems that olson finally beginning to dawn on the country's leader the dual little boxes became howdy do happy. it usually meant so very optimistic speech raised in his new year address cos all around sounded rather concerned. it the economic crisis turned out to be longer and deeper than a week and a bit of it the socialist leader placed sent to a minimal changes such as cutting labor costs and spending. making people talk about and you are around and knees hands of the country's recovery
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mostly takes us to vocal as they say or non span is short on details and some are afraid it could simply be too little too late. results not seen from prawns. it's also a taxing time for hundreds of thousands in law leah who aren't officially recognized in their own country. i'll tell you why later this hour here on our tv. new name
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rules are to compete you can jump in anytime you are. i don't i. news around with those who struggle with her each day. it was and what if someone offers a lifetime full of supply. no child should we in the case had taken a pretty strong position against gm often we
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think that out. the satellite connectivity for the great products are. reached school pool. there is no evidence that is any problem. with genetic engineering. when you're a good deal. war history. she's always in a mousetrap. i don't do that this fall. for anybody monty is plastic. you might need it. for social justice all right. archie. right from the sea. the interesting picture. the importers
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twitter. the animal. the move on. thirty minutes. so is the national security agency is astonishingly white brits are beyond became knowledge the white house led to the standard for preventing the numerous plots but it seems that's not the case by long way as maria fernandez been discovering when daddy were snowed in first worthy of the us government's indiscriminate collection of every american's phoned the u s president barack obama defended the program insisting that dozens of
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rounds around the world have been averted. courtesy of the national security agency nsa chief general keith alexander claimed many data collection has awarded fifty four different terrorism related activities. post nine eleven. no one forty for the white house a new study shows that the numbers they're using. well they've been slightly inflated because an analysis of two hundred and twenty five terrorism related cases in the last since the september eleventh attack has found that the nsa program has provided evidence for only one case that the study by the national beast non profit new american foundation has concluded the ball collection of data by the nsa has had no discernible impact on preventing acts of terrorism researchers found that in the majority of post nine eleven terrorism related cases tips or at the games actually came from traditional law enforcement
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and investigated but now thanks to these findings come as president obama is preparing to address the nation friday outlining his proposals to change intelligence operations and oversight steel political analyst eric treats or doesn't expect the president's promises two week wait into significant action. i think that the reality is that what we're looking at is a vast infrastructure with billions of dollars invested in an over the course of multiple decades. so whatever obama might be able to stay politically using whatever rhetorical cover he needs the reality is that the infrastructure is not going anywhere. the scaling back its only going to be superficial because as we know the surveillance program itself is all pervasive because the hardware because the software because the companies themselves the servers be for the cables themselves so as they said it is a closed system that they've created. so for obama to be able to say oh i can scale back this system. this is merely for consumption just last month a task force
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appointed by the president himself also concluded that the ns these counterterrorism programs are not essential to preventing attacks. reporting from new york during the fortnight. rt. in the sand dollar cover anything down all over the limit the time right now this cover is bonnie's me just be in our gang green aligned with the paddle to them now. first it's both an american journalists from russia since the cold war find out what prompted my skin to ban the center from the country the move the modified finn giant monsanto has won another
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battle against american farmers. the us supreme court says the firm can say organic growers if he hears its lab engineered crops even the airfield had been inadvertently contaminated with the santa materials one and john has written that you know he says the company is terrorizing farmers the up the locations of the stark image because paul holds on to live in a statement to the supreme court. a lot recently by saying they never did never will. some farmers for inadvertent use the term is inadvertent. contamination of their few minutes to cost farmers as each miser foreign capital. most often sold as a team of lawyers and cologne and terrorize farmers in the us and canada. when the wind blows the seeds from last on the field across from the moment so the field and
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says ok yesterday. for science and its image is arguably among the worst in the world was sceptical of the wine. well researchers point to the dozens of health risks connected with genetically modified food including tumors and premature deaths in animal tests. and this has prompted a campaign for gmo products to be clearly labelled. what does santa refuses to do that the company is also setting aside millions of dollars each year to lobby for its interests and has become the world's single biggest steel producer. now i earn some more stores around the world. tyler's prime minister's xi line says she will not stand down. this is fine a second day of mass protests in bangkok. tens of thousands of demonstrators are vowing to tighten the air blockade of main roads and government buildings while radical demonstrators are thought to be planning to storm the stock exchange the opposition accuses iran of trying to get her brother off corruption charges and put him back in work right
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now we are looking at live pictures coming out of things and for the security forces and bahrain have an alliance of shiite shrine during monday's anti government protests golf kingdom's main opposition party says the attack shows in the year is animosity towards the people. since the beginning of the uprising in twenty eleven around forty religious sites are said to have been targeted by security forces. only few hundred people fleeing violence in south sudan and round when dear ferry sank to the white nile river. it's not about was overloaded meanwhile the army's repelling attacks from rebels trying to take over the key city in the oil producing upper nile state. heavy fighting is also continuing near the town for largest under rebel control the explosion at an illegal gambling sign in southwest
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china has killed fifteen people and injured seven more officials believe the blast was deliberate and have arrested eight people gambling is largely alkaline china and cities are often connected with organized crime including trading guns and explosives. i should be nanny narrow country. it's a reality for nearly three hundred thousand people living in the small baltic country by the us. many of whom were born there as were the appearance but all are considered non citizens false confidence speaking to some of them about what it's like when the birthright means having fewer rights. he doesn't you knew me you'd know of. the moments known citizens have limited rights we combine to come so keep going. government positions will be policeman polaroid is in a vendor blogs on the invitees un secretary general ban ki moon tilapia for congress on the issue the invite was politely declined. in a blissful
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opinion opinion there are around three hundred thousand dollars and on one of them he is my possible. it's an alien gospel when the soviet union collapsed. the a league a full citizenship to people and their descendants today in the country prior to nineteen forty he became a soviet republic. i was around fifty two percent of the population. everyone else whose cost is enormous it is in. today twenty seven people considered alien. noddy is one of those affected. he was born on the air. and when his mother is not the end because his father moved to the country often nineteen forty. noddy was denied citizenship. givens he went through the process of naturalization. he was twenty two years old. how did he fail having to go through the process despite the fact that hussein was born in the country. well on the theme of the love you flights to and texas and
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the pq deserts you feel good and she doesn't feel a bit the bonds and consultants her sense of naturalization test nor the citizens on the knowledge about the history culture and language. many feel the hostages to history claiming the nappy and governments are using them to avenge the cost. but it's not just a moral issue could also the economic benefits. ending this policy. you've got three hundred thousand people will be back into political and economic life. hubble be very good tool for the country to you know if you tend to finally move on for the kids we always knew back in the history which going to go futher on the european union in the eurozone. and so on but we still had his tongue back. but is fighting for their right to know it's the home only to go to before they win the argument to say that it had to take the cakes step by step. pls don't posses. columbia. i sense a grainy ness seems billions of people and is now at
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the center of a scandal over two years to genetically altering coming up called the riots thirty mm mm mm mm mm. i am. you will. i did murder. technology integration. all the latest developments from around russia. the future to this rule peace keepers were concerned that morning tiring
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peace deals in that post conflict environment nowadays they're increasingly asked to operate in high school. while the identities of these. we stayed in the motionless with his people. the schools for almost twenty years for me than people. millions of displaced them with jeans tens of thousands of women raped. tens of thousands of children included the soldiers doris day's know really low so we leave. see bush's security years ago. it seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. it's all on politics. only on rte
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i know i should be. i don't know. your aunties today however research. each. you
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long more water will the news he did tuesday to close today too but it's the most is their second constitutional referendum in three years. security has been pointed in that place with all the personnel and the substance of the leak inside and outside the state in its unedited its constituent assembly and senate says. she seemed to disintegrate the freedoms rights


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